511 Omaha Ave. Clovis, CA 93619  559-287-7024





TB = Todd Beamer Field

Game Time Game #1 - 4:00 PM Kick Off

Game Time Game #2 - 5:30 PM Kick Off

Game Time Game #3 - 7:00 PM Kick Off

SLO = SLO Field

All Games Played at 7:00 PM

Date Home Away Field Game #
2/4/2011 Bullard Buchanan TB 2
  Clovis Clovis West TB 3

SLO Roosevelt SLO

2/18/2011 Clovis Bullard TB 3

SLO Clovis West SLO

Roosevelt Buchanan TB 2

2/25/2011 Bullard Clovis West TB 1

Buchanan SLO TB 3

Clovis Roosevelt TB 2

3/4/2011 Bullard SLO TB 3

Buchanan Clovis TB 1

Clovis West Roosevelt TB 2

3/11/2011 Roosevelt Bullard TB 2

Buchanan Clovis West TB 1

Clovis SLO TB 3

3/18/2011 Buchanan Bullard TB 2

Clovis West Clovis TB 1

Roosevelt SLO TB 3

3/25/2011 Bullard Clovis TB 1

Clovis West SLO TB 3

Buchanan Roosevelt TB 2

4/1/2011 Clovis West Bullard TB 3

SLO Buchanan SLO

Roosevelt Clovis TB 2

4/8/2011 SLO Bullard SLO

Clovis Buchanan TB 3

Roosevelt Clovis West TB 2

4/15/2010 Bullard Roosevelt TB 2

Clovis West Buchanan TB 3

SLO Clovis SLO


Why Rugby???


So you may say why play rugby? Well there are a number of reasons, but here are some for kids and parents.

  • Rugby Union (or Rugby) is the second most popular sport in the world (after soccer).
  • Rugby Union is the third fastest growing team sport in the USA.
  • Rugby 7s is now an Olympic sport starting in 2016!
  • Rugby has a tradition of competition and fair play that close to 200 years old.
  • Rugby is the most popular club sport on US College campuses today!
  • Safety first! Rules and how the game is played is done with the focus on safety at all times.
  • The NF L's Heads Up program is based on rugby and rugby tackling because it is safer and protects players from head injuries!
  • Rugby is for all body types, sizes, shape, etc. Everyone can play and contribute on the rugby field.
  • There are college scholarship opportunities available for rugby athletes, especially girls!
  • Rugby is as much an endurance and mental sport as it is physical.
  • Coaches must be certified by USA Rugby, and that means they have met the classroom and testing requirements to become coaches!
  • Rugby equipment is basic and cost effective (mouth guard, shorts, and cleats).

Some Additional information and videos on Rugby.

Rugby Basics- http://youth.be/POM-owpzH5s

Rugby 101- http://youth.be/IEQyCcageGg

Rugby 101 p2 http://youtu.be/PvGMDEOOp8k

I play rugby! http://youtu.be/K3j9taoTd0E

Why I play Rugby (Girls) http://youtu.be/37sHkb7tPpg

USA Rugby Tradition http://youtu.be/FqEOQJNLyRE

Work For It http://youtu.be/-H3lpnyuQqc


  •    Here is some food for thought. 3% of US Navy  
    Seal applicants have rugby on their resume. Of
        the applicants who actually graduate and
        become seals...40% have rugby on their
        resume! Rugby leads to success, because so
        much of rugby is mental, its working in a team, and
        it is about discipline.


  • All rugby in the USA must be sanctioned by USA Rugby and thus us regulated.
  • All Youth and HS coaches must be certified by USA Rugby to ensure knowledge and safety.
  • All games at high school and higher must be referred by a certified referee, to ensure safety. The certification process is extensive.
  • All certified coaches must complete a background check to be certified, to promote safety of your child!   
  • Every player no matter the age must be registered with USA Rugby to ensure they are playing for certified coaches and sanctioned clubs in the USA.

Legendary Coach Larry Gelwix
at last year's area clinic. He was
the inspiration behind the motion
picture Forever Strong